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“Scholica made life easier for our teachers and students alike.”

Leidi van den Bergh, teacher

Scholica is a development and design agency with more than 5 years of experience in building educational applications.

We also offer our own open application platform, that makes it faster and easier to build modern web applications of any kind, with built in permissions, single sign on and more.


A single platform with unlimited options.

The Scholica platform saves developers dozens of hours of development time when developing educational or enterprise applications, by providing a standard toolkit to build applications for both web and mobile.

Using Scholica means not worrying about authentication, permissions and security, nor implementing standards like SAML, LDAP and xAPI (Tin Can).

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Students at Bernardinuscollege high school on average open the Scholica app four to six times a day to view their schedule, grades and courses.

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Exploring local shops in Amsterdam, powered by an API built with Scholica.

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Sowebuild is building the best platform for creating communities, powered by Scholica.

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Street Art Network

Using Scholica, S*PAT is building a global network of Street Art maps, allowing fanatics and occational browsers to discover murals and other forms of artworks in Europe.

The Street Art Network already spans 5+ cities across Europe, with more coming soon.

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