About Scholica Search

There's so much online learning content, but it can be really challenging to find. Using our unique search algorithm and curated content selections, Scholica makes it easy for teachers to find information on specific topics.


Scholica Search is built into Scholica, reducing the creation of online lessons to a process that only takes a few minutes.

Create your first course for free.

Scholica automatically indexes hundreds of websites to create a large collection of learning materials.

Our algorithm automatically classifies and organises items to match them to keywords and creates previews.

Scholica’s team of experts curates and filters the best resources, for you use in the courses you create.

For developers

Scholica Search is based on the open Scholica Acitivities specification. Please contact us for more information and possiblities regarding implementing Scholica Search into your own website or application, or to add new content to Scholica Search. We're always on the hunt for new quality content!